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What do you mean you Can't? Hardcover

What do you mean you Can't? Hardcover

This little book is dedicated to all!

It was not designed to judge but was written with pure love! Despite life’s challenges, we can overcome them through growth, strength, love, honesty, and pure positivity! You don't have to lie to belong; you don't have to cry for long! I can't promise everything will be fine, but we can get better! Some words cut us deeply inside but always remember kindness.

It is never easy to move on but prayers work. Life can be annoying and frustrating but don't let it take over you! Depression can steal from you but be your detective, investigate and put it away for life! How can you arrest depression? That is a question I am still seeking to answer. Many people have different strategies but what helps me is praying, reading, writing, dancing, feeling the wind, and being around good people. Positive energy boosts you and makes you feel relaxed!

I hope my first poetry collection can help to challenge your thinking and soothe your mind!



Meline Jean Louis

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