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Dreamin' Turks & Caicos A Prelude to LovePaperback

Dreamin' Turks & Caicos A Prelude to LovePaperback

Torn between the pressures of functioning as an adult
and not letting her parents down, as opposed to being a
normal teen; Whitney is focused and mature beyond her 17

For the women in her family, love was synonymous
with pain and disappointment. This made her cynical
beyond her years, she was not interested in love or boys,
both spelt trouble of the worst kind.

Until the summer she was starting her senior year of
High School, she meets a boy and the unthinkable happens; Glenn
love at first sight.

Forced to spend his senior year on an island in the
Turks & Caicos, Glenn was angry and sullen. Even though
his rebellious years are behind him, he resents his parents,
and spends his time seeking ways to frustrate them into
sending him back to the life of privilege, he grew up taking
for granted.

Then a chance encounter with a strange girl who he

first thought was self-absorbed, angry and entitled, changed
his world forever.

The backdrop is the aqua waters and pristine sand
strewn beaches of a beautiful by nature Caribbean Island.

A coming of age romance.

Find out what happens, when the resentful and brooding, bad-tempered Glenn Hunter meets cynical, sheltered
and focused Whitney Williams; in A Prelude to Love: A Novella, the first book in the Dreamin’ Turks & Caicos series.

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