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The importance of establishing culture in literature

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Culture: the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group (

Literature: pieces of writing that are valued as works of art, especially novels, plays and poems (in contrast to technical books and newspapers, magazines, etc.) (

The representative culture of a place is as vital to it as its economy. While this may be a strong sentiment, it is also an honest reaffirmation. Our culture holds the identity of our country through time and space, and we must learn to embrace the versatility of art forms exhibited through these dimensions. Literature has been used for many years to promote culture and is essential to consistently develop cultural identity.

In order for literature to thrive efficiently in a cultural environment, it must represent the most important element of it; the people. People help to create various aspects of culture and also keep these aspects alive through literature. Literature can come in the form of novels. plays, poems or an eclectic range of all these forms. The art portrayed in literature help to expose those foreign to the native culture to the intricacies and simplicity of a unique cultural identity.

Our literature must be a voice for culture. It should echo the personality of our culture so much that others are not only intrigued but also become curious and invested in the elements which promote cultural identity. Literature then becomes a vehicle for cultural development which will involve all who are apart of building a positive referendum for culture. This is everybody's business. Literature is not only reserved for the elite and certainly not only enjoyed by a single entity. Just as culture is composed by all, literature should be as interactive and inclusive. Culture is literature, literature is the people and the people are a voice of change. Let us embrace the relevance of culture in literature and help to build a system which celebrates the unity .

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